Teambuilding Day


This event is a great opportunity for you and your employees to enter the world of a navigator. We facilitate this event in a full mission simulator, thereby creating the perfect environment for increased team performance by developing the participants’ communication and cooperation competences.

Relevant for:

Groups who could benefit from increasing their team competences while being in a different, professional environment - learning while having fun.

Equipment used:

Marine navigation simulator, including radars, electronic chart and steering controls as seen on a ship.


1 day.

Course content:

The teambuilding event could, for example, consist of an introduction to:

  • How to operate a ship and its related equipment in a full mission simulator.

  • How to manoeuver and navigate a ship using real-life navigational aids.

  • How to communicate effectively in simulated scenarios on a ship’s bridge, where the participants will be assigned different roles.

  • How to react effectively and efficiently as a team to sudden changes.

  • How to maximize your use of available human resources in stressed situations.

Group size:

8 participants limitation apply per simulator. 16 participants in total.


The event can be conducted in English or Danish.


1950 EUR (excl. VAT taxes and travel expenses).


Hammerholmen 44 - 48
2650 Hvidovre
DK - Denmark.

Terms and conditions apply:

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