Operational use of ECDIS

IMO Model Course 1.27

Approved by The Danish Maritime Authority & DNV-GL


This training course will provide you with the training required to safely operate ECDIS, when used as the primary
source for sea charts. This course is also considered as FURUNO ECDIS type specific training.

Relevant for:

Navigators operating ECDIS today or are planning to do so in the future.

Equipment used:

FURUNO ECDIS, FURUNO Integrated Bridge System (IBS), and full mission simulator.


5 days.

Course content:

Theoretical lectures, active discussions based on your navigational experiences, series of demonstrations, and multiple practical exercises in our full mission simulator.
The training course includes the following topic:

  • Principal types of ECDIS systems and their display characteristics.

  • Differences between ECDIS and ECS.

  • Introduction to the legal aspects of ECDIS compliance.

  • Operational use of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) and Raster Navigational Charts (RNC) including chart updating processes.

  • Setting up display, route planning, route monitoring, and alarm handling.

  • Detection of misrepresentation of information, and factors affecting system performance and accuracy, including the risks of over-reliance on ECDIS.

Course certificate:

The training course is concluded with three compulsory tests and if all three passed, then a certificate is issued. The course complies with the IMO Model Couse 1.27 and the STCW 2010 Code, as amended in A-II/1-3 and B-I/36-66.


1450 EUR per person (excl. VAT taxes and travel expenses).


Hammerholmen 44 - 48
2650 Hvidovre
DK - Denmark.

Terms and conditions apply:

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