Onboard ECDIS Assessor


This course contains advanced training in ECDIS functionalities and capabilities, which will provide you with the level of competence necessary to conduct qualified onboard assessments. It includes lessons in extended route planning, as well as practical training in a full mission simulator, with focus on training your assessor skills. Follows IMO Model Course 1.30.

Relevant for:

Shore based personnel and senior officers conducting onboard competence assessments of navigational officers, who operate an ECDIS.

Equipment used:

FURUNO ECDIS, FURUNO Integrated Bridge System (IBS), full mission simulator.


4 - 5 days.

Admission recommendation:

For the training course to be conducted in 4 days, the participant must have basic knowledge of ECDIS regulations and functions.

Course content:

Theoretical lectures, discussions, and series of demonstrations. Training covers advanced ECDIS training and the principles of developing and implementing a shipboard assessment system and it includes assessor exercises in a simulated environment. After completing this training course, you will be able to:

Apply the international provisions concerning the training and assessment of officers and ratings onboard vessels in the context of international law.

  • Determine and apply effective assessment methodologies.

  • Organize, administer and conduct onboard assessments.

  • Develop a performance improvement plan.

  • Evaluate and report outcomes and observations.

Furthermore, you will obtain an understanding of:

  • Principal types of ECDIS systems and their display characteristics.

  • Operational use of ECDIS functionalities.

  • Risks of over-reliance on ECDIS, system performance and accuracy.

  • Display setup, route planning, route monitoring and alarm handling, etc.

  • Chart handling.

Course certificate:

The training course is concluded with a multiple-choice test. If passed, then an Onboard ECDIS Assessor certificate is issued. The course complies with the IMO Model Course 1.30 / STCW Code, section A-1/6.


1950 EUR per person (excl. VAT taxes and travel expenses).


Hammerholmen 44 - 48
2650 Hvidovre
DK - Denmark.

Terms and conditions apply:

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