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Ice Navigation

Polar Code compliant

Generic training course


Course content:

Provides the trainee with the knowledge to navigate and operate safely in polar waters. Available at basic and advanced level. Complies with the STCW code, table A-V/4-1 (basic) and A-V/4-2 (advanced). Relevant for navigators at operational or management level planning to sail in areas covered by the IMO Polar Code.


3 days (basic). 1 day (advanced).

Instructor certification:

  • Instructor candidates must have a Master Mariner education.

  • Successful completion of a 10 days instructor training course. By documenting proven experience with ECDIS use and as an instructor, it could be considered reduced to fewer days of extensive training based on an individual assessment.

  • Pre-study literature supplied by FURUNO Maritime Training required.

Instructor training content:

  • Covers both basic and advanced Ice Navigation training using theoretical lessons and tabletop exercises (optional: simulator exercises).

Equipment if using simulator (optional):

  • Full mission simulator to run the simulator exercises.

  • FURUNO Maritime Training will provide the scope of the exercises. Setup of the exercise scenarios in the full mission simulator, the training centre will have to set up by themselves.

  • Support to set up the scenarios can be supplied by FURUNO Maritime Training at an additional cost.

  • ENC charts covering the exercise areas, which can be provided by FURUNO Maritime Training at an additional cost.


Entry fee: EUR 5000*, covering the training and certification of two instructors. Additional instructors cost EUR 3000. If two or more instructor trainees are booked for the same time slot, the price is reduced to EUR 2500* per instructor.

  • Basic subscription fee (yearly): EUR 5000, covering up to 20 basic trainees per year. Local periodical audit by an FURUNO Maritime Training assessor*.

  • Basic training fee: EUR 150 per trainee, after the initial 20 trainees (charged monthly).

  • Pre-study literature: EUR 200.

Advanced course (option if added to basic)

  • Subscription fee additional to basic (yearly): EUR 1000, covering up to 20 trainees per year. Training fee additional to basic: EUR 50 per trainee, after the initial 20 trainees (charged monthly).

* Expenses covering travel, accommodation and meals related to the above are not included in the fees.

Please contact us if you have any questions:
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