Customized training solutions

Customized training courses or navigational services can be made to your specific
requirements, when you are seeking a training solution, which does not fall within
the scope of the standard training courses or navigational services.

Equipment used:

FURUNO navigational equipment, full mission simulators and additional equipment as necessary.


A customised training course may be designed specifically to your needs, but it may also build on an existing formalized course offered by FURUNO.
It could e.g. include training on FURUNO navigational equipment combined with:

  • Trainer and coaching elements.

  • Assessments elements.

  • Navigational Investigator elements.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you in designing a course that fulfills your specific requirements.

Course certificate:

As appropriate according to final course content.


Individual agreement.


Worldwide, as appropriate according to specifications.

Terms and conditions apply:

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